Health & Fitness

Good evening everyone! 🙂


Today I’ll be going over hedgehog fitness and exercise. It is EXTREMELY important to make sure that your hedgehog is living a healthy, active lifestyle! If not, obesity can lead to many different problems for these little guys such as diabetes, difficulty breathing, lethargy, and even heart failure.

Your hedgehog should get at least an hour of outside-cage time DAILY, to run around and explore a bigger environment. Hedgehogs are very curious little creatures, so setting them loose in a supervised area is a great way for them to explore and get those little legs moving! In addition to speeding around my apartment, I also have a critter ball for Lyla to roll around in while I’m working on homework or can’t give her my full attention to keep an eye on her. These critter balls are great because they allow your hedgehog to roam about freely, and you can’t lose sight of them!


Another excellent way to make sure your hedgie is staying active is to keep a slanted disk, or a large guinea pig wheel in their cage with them to run on. Lyla personally didn’t use hers for some reason, so I make sure she gets extra time outside of her cage to run around and explore.

For more information on how to keep your hedgehog active and to check for signs of obesity, check out this site!

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